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Safety First Industrial, through its owner and principal consultant Fred Leafloor, has published research papers, general loss management articles and made safety-oriented presentations both domestically and internationally. Some of these publications and presentations, attributable individually to Mr. Leafloor, or to Safety First Industrial in general, are:


Contributor - Beaufort Sea Search and Rescue Manual

Co-Author - Canadian Marine Drilling Ltd (CANMAR) Marine Operations Manual

Author / Instructor - Thebacha College of the North West Territories (Tuktoyaktuk Campus) Level 1 Nautical Science/Seamanship

Author / Instructor - Thebacha College of the North West Territories (Tuktoyaktuk Campus) Level 1b Arctic Marine Safety

Author - Advanced Offshore Firefighter Course & Manual

Author - Canadian Marine Drilling Ltd (CANMAR) Tanker Operations Safety Manual

Contributor - BeauDril Limited Fire Safety and Training Manual

Contributor - BeauDril Limited Kulluk Safety Manual

Author/Instructor - BeauDril HLO/Heliguard Course & Manual

Co-Author - Eastcoast Petroleum Operators' Association "Report of the Offshore Safety Task Force"

Author - Offshore Drilling Safety (A presentation to the Atlantic Conference on Offshore Health and Safety)

Author - East Coast Offshore Near Miss/Collision Avoidance Procedures

Author - Safety Offshore East Coast Canada (A presentation to the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers Annual Conference)

Co-Author - Advances in Safety Systems for the Canadian Offshore (A presentation to the Canadian Offshore Resources Exposition - 1986 CORE Conference)

Author - Safety and Survival An East Coast Oil Company Perspective (A presentation to the International Association of Sea Survival Trainers - IASST - Conference)

Principal Author - PrOD (Preferred Orientation and Displacement) Lifeboat Launching System - Interim and Final Project Reports. The two volume Final Report was reprinted and published internationally by the Canadian government

Principal Author - LORS (lifeboat Occupant Recovery System) Field Trials (Interim), Low Sea States (Final) and Moderate Sea States (Final) Reports

Principal Author - LORS Trials Report (A presentation to the International Offshore Safety Conference - London, England)

Author - Offshore Operations Safety, Survival and Rescue (A presentation to the Cabot Institute of Applied Arts and Technology - Petroleum Technology Department)


Author/Instructor - Supervisor Safety Awareness (A company-specific safety training course and manual with applicable provincial regulations. Three volumes - provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan)

Author - Canadian Petroleum Association "Industry Guidelines on the Training, Qualifications and Standards of Offshore Crew Personnel (East Coast and Arctic) Second Edition

Author - Mobil Oil (Canada) - Offshore Personnel Evacuation Study (Client Confidential)

Co-Developer - LASMO Nova Scotia Safety Management System and Manuals, Alert & Emergency Response Contingency Plan, and various operational Loss Control procedures

Author - Canadian Petroleum Association Accident / Incident Reporting Matrix for Canada's Offshore Industry (Provincial and Federal Jurisdictions)

Author - M & M Fabricators Ltd Occupational Health and Safety Program M & M Fabricators Employee Safety Handbook Employee Safety Orientation Training Program (and Presenter's Package)

Author - Safety In Offshore Oilspill Cleanup Operations - (A presentation to the Technical University of Nova Scotia (TUNS) Conference on Oilspill Countermeasures)

Co-Author - Sable Offshore Energy Inc. Offshore Helicopter Operations Manual

Author - Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers Lifeboat Evacuation Systems - Operations, Maintenance and Crew Training Drills

Author - Marathon Canada (Atlantic) Safety Plan and Practices Manual and Emergency Response Plan

Author - SeaMap GeoSurveys Inc. Safety Management System Manual


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