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Simply answer and submit the questions below.

Question 1:
Does your Work Place have an established Occupational Safety & Health, or Loss Management, Policy?

Yes  No 
Question 2:
Have you received a briefing or training on the potential hazards in your Work Place?

Yes  No 
Question 3:
Are their procedures in place for, or have you been given training on, the selection and proper use of personal protective equipment for the hazards you face in your Work Place?

Yes  No 
Question 4:
Do you understand the role the M.S.D.S plays within W.H.M.I.S.? (in Canada) or in H.M.I.S.? (if you live in the USA), or in C.O.S.H.H.? (if you live in the UK)

Yes  No 
Question 5:
If your job requires you to work in or around a Confined Space, have you received a briefing or training in the Confined Space activities you may be expected to undertake?

Yes  No 
Question 6(a):
(Companies with 5 or more employees, including Management) Do you know who is your Safety Representative, or who is at least one of the members of your Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee?

Yes  No 
Question 6(b):
(Companies with less than 5 employees, including Management) Have you been told to whose attention you should bring Occupational Safety & Heath concerns?

Yes  No 
Question 7:
In your Work Place, do you have, or do you know who has, currently valid First Aid Training?

Yes  No 
Question 8:
In your current job, have you ever (or are you able to) refuse an assigned task because you believe that it might cause you or a co-worker to be hurt if you did that task?

Yes  No 
Question 9:
If you work with heavy machinery (mobile or stationary), have you received training in the proper operation of that machinery, such as not to injure yourself or others when operating the equipment?

Yes  No 
Question 10:
Do you know your company's proper procedure to report a Work Place accident?

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